Aftercare Options

We can help you navigate the difficult waters of pet loss, right to the very end. We understand that even the question of body care can be a difficult decision, and we desire to help you with kind and compassionate counseling before your pet’s passing to ensure that we understand your wishes. This allows us to carry out your wishes for you without any particular requirements on your part.

Black Dog

Home Burial

We suggest that you check with your local city or county regarding their regulations and the legality of home burial. We also encourage you to have the burial site prepared and that the site is at least 4 ½-5 feet deep. We will discuss this with you during our visit. Having the burial site prepared beforehand allows you to have more time for memorializing and honoring your pet at the time of euthanasia.

Cat Resting

Communal Cremation

Your pet is placed with other pets and not separated. In this case we will not be able to return your pet’s ashes to you.  Ashes are respectfully spread over peaceful Southern Wisconsin acreage owned by Midwest Cremation Services.  We can provide a clay paw print impression for your pet to return to you if you would like. 

Private Cremation

Your pet is cremated privately and individually.  This service allows us to return your pet’s ashes to you.  This service includes return of ashes in a wooden urn with a brass plate bearing your pet's name.  We can have a clay paw print impression made and returned to you as well.